Science and Maths Award - SPONSORED BY fullhurst community college

This award will be presented to a student who has particularly excelled within Science or Maths whether that be at primary level up until university degree. We are looking for individuals taking a great interest in these STEM skills which might include extra curricular science projects like the CREST awards or maths challenges. Previous entries include students who have achieved outstanding results in all three science subjects at GCSE and a young person who completed a university maths degree aged 14.

apprentice of the year Award - sponsored by loughborough college

Apprenticeships offer training to a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study. This award will recognize someone going above and beyond whats expected of them, putting in extra effort, throwing themselves into learning a new trade or someone who has consistently been outstanding during their apprenticeship. The individual will have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their professional development.

school of the year award- SPONSORED BY aspire people

This will be awarded to the School who in the opinion of the judges have had an outstanding academic year. This may embrace improvements in attendance levels, parent engagement or examination results. Schools applying may have made, developed or built upon partnerships in the local community, achieved new credentials, or competition success, whatever your school’s achievements tell us about them and win the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Nominations can also come from students and parents who believe that the school they have chosen have really looked after them and the interests of their students.

head teacher of the year - sponsored by schoolwear solutions

This award is for outstanding Primary and Secondary school leaders, whose guidance and leadership help to create a dynamic learning environment, where the pupils are happy and encouraged to reach their full potential. Tell us about your outstanding head teachers and why they should be put forward for this award.

Beating the odds award

This category will recognise any student who has overcome adversity or shown outstanding bravery and maturity for their years. They may have battled a life-threatening illness or undergone major surgery and still managed to achieve great exam results or degree. In the past we have awarded individuals who have gone through personal trauma yet have remained positive and inspirational to those around them as well as those who have chosen to change their lives by returning to university even though the odds have been stacked against them.

healthy schools award - sponsored by the life multi academy trust

This award is for a project, individual, class or whole school who make it a priority to lead a healthy lifestyle. This could be by encouraging exercise, or teaching pupils about eating healthy foods. Maybe at your school you grow vegetables or have an allotment, or a project to encourage fitness, well-being? This category also includes schools putting in extra work to make the mental health of their students a priority. This could be by running mental health work shops, encouraging students to be open about how they feel or bringing in more specialist staff such as counsellors to help their students. If your school makes healthy living a priority tell us about it!

music excellence - sponsored by ppl prs

This award will be awarded to a student who shows outstanding promise in music. This is an individual who has progressed within the music realm, whether that be through lessons in their school,college or university or through personal development with their own musical endeavors outside of their educational institution. For example this could include someone achieving top grades at exam level or perhaps someone using their passion to set up a band at their school. Maybe this is an individual who has played an instrument professionally despite still attending school.

community champion award - sponsored by hastings direct

This award is for a individual, class, year group or whole school who play an active role in their local community. That may be through raising money for charity, performing in the community, helping others in the community or working together to make their local community a better place. Previous entries include teachers raising money for school equipment, students visiting care homes and schools encouraging students to grow their own food and donate it to food banks.Tell us about the inspirational work you do in the local area!

sport excellence award - sponsored by morningside pharmaceuticals ltd

Do you know an inspirational young person who gives everything they’ve got to achieve their dreams? Have they just been picked for a national team? We want to hear about individuals who are excelling within sport whether that be rugby, gymnastics or table tennis. Entries can be from primary age up until university level.

inspirational teacher of the year Award - sponsored by eteach

Do you know an inspirational teacher? We are looking for a teacher who has shown constant dedication, kindness and understanding, inspiring young people every day. Tell us about the teachers that go the extra mile to give the best opportunities to the children they teach through their education and playing a vital role in their day to day school life. This award is for a teacher in a nursery, first, primary, middle, high or secondary school teachers.

newly qualified teacher of the year award - sponsored by sdsa 

This award will go to an individual who has just started their career in teaching. An NQT is a teacher who has just attained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and is now undertaking an induction programme that enables them to be legally employed as a teacher in a maintained school. Although just starting their teaching journey, they winner of this category will be someone who is inspiring to their students and goes that extra mile to help them learn and develop.

student of the year award - sponsored by the mead educational trust

This category will recognise a student who is exceeding what is expected of them. They are the student that will put the extra work in and consistently achieving high grades. What has the student done to be an example of an outstanding and inspirational student and so deserve recognition? Have they made a positive impact in their school/ college / university? Perhaps they get involved in school activities or set up a new group or club. 

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